2019 CPL College Showcase

​Friday Night Player Combine: $65.00

                                                       WHAT TO EXPECT FOR PLAYERS

Prior to the Event:

Please make sure you register and pay in advance of the event. We create your resume from the information you provide at registration. We are not set up for onsite registration.

If there are colleges you are interested in, contact the coach and inform them you are participating in the event. (Links to all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Colleges are listed in the "College Coaches" page of this web site) There will be a good number of college coaches in attendance so contact any and all coaches you are interested in playing for. Tell them about the event and that all players in the event will be playing throughout the day. Depending on your grade, the coach may or may not be able to speak with you at the event.

The Day of the Event:

Please arrive to check-in, pick up your shirt and get any other items being handed out. (Check in will take about 2 minutes per player)

Make sure you are well rested and ready to play.

Although you register as an individual, once you are on the field you are with a team. Play your best during every game! Coaches notice individual skills as well as team players.

After the Event:

We will post a list on the web site of all the college coaches that were at the event. If there are any colleges you are interested in, contact the coach and express your interest.

                                                 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Where do I send my registration form?

Please mail registration form and payment to California Premier League, 32158 Camino Capistrano, Suite 210, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Who can I contact with questions about the event?

If you have questions, contact Peter Carey via e-mail (peter@capofc.com) or call (714) 931-3814. Do not call any of the Facilities with event questions.

I am a parent, can I watch the combine?

Yes, parents can watch from the assigned spectator section. Parents are not allowed on the fields or in the assigned college coach area.

When will I hear from the colleges?

There are specific rules about college coach contact with players. Please visit the NCAA website for information. If a coach is interested in a player and the coach is permitted to contact the player according to NCAA rules, then it is up to that coach when the contact occurs. Parents and players may be able to contact coaches for schools of interest, please review the NCAA rules for clarification. There are no guarantees that any of the attending coaches will contact your player.

Will my son/daughter be playing with his/her current teammates?

No, this is not a team event. All players register as individuals. Players are assigned to teams by the event director based on age and position.

How long will my son/daughter be at the combine?

Plan on being at the facility for at least 2-3 hours.

When will we get schedules and team assignments?

You will receive schedules, team assignments and numbers at check-in.


                                                             WHAT IS A COLLEGE COMBINE?

The California Premier League College Showcase Combine was started in 2016 to get players a chance to showcase their skills directly in front of college coaches. Before our combines, most players were not being seen by college coaches, or were going unknown to a lot of colleges.  This is because a lot of college showcase tournaments fail to draw coaches, as well as coaches showing up with a list of players they are there to specifically see, resulting in a disconnect for players hoping to be discovered.

What makes our showcase tournament standout from others is the fact that we are one if not the only showcase tournament in South OC hosting a true Combine.  Also, our Combines different from most other showcase tournament and combines is that all players in the College Combine sign up individually, regardless if their team is participating or accepted in the tournament. This insures the coach that every player at the combine wants to play soccer in college and is considered potentially "recruitable". With using a smaller venue at one time, college coaches can watch every player and will not miss anyone. If you go to a large tournament showcase there is always a possibility that a coach may miss a game because he/she is at another location watching another player. With our combines, the coaches never have to leave to watch another game.

Once a player is entered into the College Combine, the player should then contact coaches of potential schools they are interested in and pre-arrange with the coaches to be seen at our events. The first thing coaches do at our events is circle the names of all the players who contacted them in the “player resume book” we provide for College Coaches Only. The Coaches will watch those players who are interested in their school first and then watch everyone else. We also work hard on creating a list of coaches who will be at the event and we will continuously update that list as it gets closer to the combine date.  Contacting coaches is a very important part of the process. Players want to know that coaches will be in attendance and coaches want to know that there are potential players in attendance who are interested in their program. Please note that we are NOT a recruiting service. We merely provide an avenue for players and colleges to hopefully find each other.

Every college coach gets a player resume book with all the information, required form online (Link to form), for every player in the combine. This is so the coach can easily access the players information. Make sure to fill out the info as best you can. The more information the coach has the better the coach can get to know each player.

During the College Combine, each player will have the opportunity to play in a small sided game, as well as individual technical drills.  So go out there and play as hard as you can. THE COACHES ARE WATCHING