2019 CPL College Showcase

​Friday Night Player Combine: $65.00

 Note: This list is to assist you in your preparations. It is not a substitute for reading all of the material and
following all instructions.

  1. Read all tournament rules and registration information.
  2. Arrange for Travel Papers if needed from State Association or other governing body             
  3. Make sure the tournament roster is up to date and complete                                                     
  4. Make travel arrangements (air, car, etc) 
  5. Give a copy of the tournament rules to the coach
  6. Update your on-line roster with all correct information including jersey numbers
  7. Obtain laminated player cards with photo for all players
  8. Have your travel papers if needed in hand (amended, if necessary)
  9. Have loaned player forms in hand as necessary, properly signed and complete
  10. Have medical release forms, signed by parent or guardian for each player
  11. Organize all forms in the same order as roster/player cards
  12. Advise players and parents of field assignments and schedule
  13. Give players and parents maps and directions to the Fields
  14. Advise every parent/player of alternate jersey requirements
  15. Advise every parent/player of the red card rules
  16. Advise everyone of the no dogs or pets rules at Fields

Preparation Checklist